Society for Creative Anachronisms

We recently me a couple who are members if an international non-profit called the Society for Creative Anachronisms.   You can read more about the organization here. This organization covers the middle ages from roughly 600 BC through 1600 BC.  The couple we met focus on early period viking history and research, particularly mid 800 – 900 Scandinavia.
The people who share their passion for that time period become like family.  They have artisans who research and recreate everything from the medicinal concoctions of the 1400’s to textiles of Romans in 600’s   They have Kings, Princes, Knights… chivalry, romance… and they get to be their best selves… that inner hero, servant, court jester.
As part of that research, they research and create a “persona”  and part of that is tracking down historically accurate name that would have been used in that time and place.  The name have to be documented to be registered.  The couple we met had medieval names of  Táti and Annábla.
They were kind enough to let us take photos of them in their medieval attire. It was a fun shoot and I look forward to taking photos of them on location at one of their events.

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