Cascade Cycling Classic 2016

Another big event in town this week is the Cascade Cycling Classic. I don’t pretend to be a sports photographer, but I enjoy watching this event. Out of 499 photos, this is what I came up with. I mostly stayed on one corner where there was some decent light. I’m amazed at how fast they go around these sharp corners and the angle they go around them without falling. I did witness one crash on this corner but she was okay. These are from the women’s and men’s pro races.

There was a running race between the women’s and men’s cycling race. It was a serious run but the guys in the photo here were having some fun. The was a qualifying time to enter this run – you had to be able to run the mile in less than 9 minutes.


Cycling-04421July 23, 2016 Cycling-04423July 23, 2016 Cycling-04436July 23, 2016Cycling-04288July 23, 2016 Cycling-04476July 23, 2016 Cycling-04486July 23, 2016 Cycling-04509July 23, 2016

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