Chinatown, Part II

Maralee_Park_131129_57407_8_9When you live in a place with such a diverse population as Honolulu, you become familiar with all of the different cuisines.  I happen to love food from the far east.  Maralee_Park_131129_57386_7_8You will find numerous Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, etc. foods in Honolulu.  And if you want to try make your own, Chinatown is the place to go for ingredients. Maralee_Park_131129_57404_5_6You will find foods in Chinatown that you won’t find in your chain supermarket.  That is one of the   things I miss the most about Hawaii . . . all the different foods.

Maralee_Park_131129_57428-EditI had to put in this photo of Club Hubba Hubba (I did some solarization on the photo to make it a little more interesting).  This club has been around for decades and although it closed its doors in 1997, the sign is still there.  Chinatown is being revitalized and now you will find art galleries and fine restaurants in some of the old buildings.

Maralee_Park_131129_57396 Maralee_Park_131129_57410_1_2Maralee

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