We had some interesting weather this week . . . snow, rain, sleet, ice, fog, sun.  It started to clear up yesterday but a small layer of fog was still lingering in this grove of trees. Maralee

Thunder Clouds

We have had some unusually warm weather for this time of year and every afternoon this week we have had some "pop-up" thunderstorms.  It has been so dry here this winter that these storms have the potential to be very destructive. A couple of nights ago, I noticed the sky turning an incredible shade of …

The Sun Came Out

After two days of snow, wind and cold, the snow and wind disappeared and we were left with sunny skies, although it was still cold. On my lunch break, I decided to take an adventure and drive to a place I'd heard about but never been - Tumalo Reservoir.  It's only about 10 miles out-of-town …

Grungy Snow

We had a couple of very cold, snowy days after a winter of almost no snow at all.  This photo was actually taken by my husband with his iPhone while he was out walking yesterday.  I just used the photo to grunge it up a bit. Maralee


Our weather changed this week and a winter storm front came through.   Although we didn't get any snow in town, the mountains were pummeled with snow.  We had a little break right around sunset and with all the clouds in the area, it was very colorful. There was one cloud overhead that was the …