Swan Lake

I came across this swan taking a nap on the river last week. It seemed so peaceful and content. A little while later it was joined by its mate. Such a beautiful couple. Maralee


I hadn't seen the swans at the river for a while but last week they were back. I always love watching these beautiful, graceful birds. Maralee


Happy Easter everyone. This swan seemed to be enjoying a cruise down the river one day last week. Maralee

Swan Song

I participated in the 7-day nature photo challenge that has been going around on Facebook. Today is my 7th day and I thought photos of swans would be an appropriate "swan song." These were taken along the Deschutes River while walking yesterday. Maralee


This poor swan was being harassed by a red-winged blackbird. The bird kept trying to land on the swan's head and back. The swan would dive and flap its wings but the bird was very persistent. The bird finally left and perched on a bush nearby. Maralee