More Critters

I've added a gray squirrel to the menagerie of animals visiting us at work.  I suppose the corn cobs I'm leaving for them helps bring them around.  Between the gray squirrel, ground squirrel and scrub jays, the corn doesn't last very long. Maralee

My Furry Friends

These are a few of my furry friends who greet me every day at work. Okay . . . I feed them to entice them a bit, and I'm sure that's the only reason they are my friends, but I enjoy them so I'll continue to feed them. The mourning doves are usually just gray …

What Goes Around, Comes Around

I put some peanuts out for the little squirrel so he wouldn't have to eat all my bird food.  Well, I guess what goes around comes around because now it's the bird eating the squirrel food. Maralee