iPhone Flowers II

I took this photo of the rose and other buds (I don't know what it is) with my iPhone today.  I'm sure florists everywhere are loving this day.  I actually like the little buds better than the rose.  I decided to grunge them up a bit. Maralee

iPhone Flowers

I took these photos at the vet's yesterday while picking up a sick cat. I have been going through a kitty-cat nightmare the last couple of months.  I have six cats (and that's a story for another blog).  I never intended to have 6 cats but it ended up that way.  Four of them are …

Flowers . . . Roses

This is the last of this segment from the bouquet my co-worked got.  I like roses, but they're not my favorite flower.  But these had such a beautiful color shading that I really liked these. Maralee