This hawk was hanging around the park when I was walking on Friday. He flew from tree-top to tree-top before flying off. Maralee

Cooper’s Hawk

I believe this hawk is living somewhere in the area of our office. I have seen it numerous times and it occasionally will land in the tree outside my window. It doesn't stay long and is usually somewhat obscured by the branches of the tree. But it is fun to watch it. Maralee

Cooper’s Hawk

I was very excited when this Cooper's Hawk landed on a tree just a short distance from where I was walking. It was all very quick but I had enough time to get a few shots before it took off again. Times like this make it worth carrying my camera with me whenever I go …

Eagle and Ducks

I photographed this eagle flying over the Deschutes River. I didn't notice the flying ducks in the background until I downloaded the photos. Maralee