The High Desert Museum also has four different owls. I was able to photograph three of them, but the barred owl was in a location that was too dark to get any decent photos. Maralee  

National Wildlife Week #2

This week is National Wildlife Week so I'm going back into my archives to share some of the wildlife photos I've taken. Second:  Owls (I love owls) Maralee

Burrowing Owl

These photos of the burrowing owl were taken while I was attending an event at the High Desert Museum. I prefer to take my photos of animals in the wild, but this little owl was just sooooo cute. They are only about 9" tall and are one of the smallest owls. None of the animals …


Friday morning, mom was at the nest feeding the owlets.  I'm not sure what kind of critter it was but probably some type of rodent. Maralee


We had a very heavy rainstorm come through Monday night.  Looks like mom/dad sat vigilantly through the night in the pouring rain but looked a little bedraggled in the morning. Maralee