Cold Morning

Early morning mountains

Winter has arrived and although we don't have much snow . . . yet . . . it is cold. The mornings have been exceptionally cold but I forced myself outside to get a few shots of the mountains against the morning sky. It was about 15 degrees F and I was only able to …


Another view from my morning walks. This is from last week. This week it has been cold, dark and gray out and I haven't had a chance to get out for my morning walk. But driving in to work this morning the skies had cleared and we can now see snow on the mountain tops. …

Pastel Morning

One of the joys of getting up early for my walks is watching the beautiful colors change as the sun begins to rise. Maralee

Good Morning Sunshine

With the days getting shorter and the sunrise being later in the morning, most of my morning walks start before the sun comes up. As hard as it is to get up in the dark to get out and go for my walk, I do get to see some beautiful sunrises. Maralee