High Desert Museum: River Otters

There are two river otters at the High Desert Museum named Rogue and Brook. They are very active and it's hard to keep up with them. But they sure are fun to watch. There is both an indoor and outdoor viewing area where you can watch them play. The kids love them. Maralee

High Desert Museum Bobcat

Meet Vivi. She is another one of the beautiful animals at the High Desert Museum. According to the Museum, she was raised in captivity in Idaho and had been de-clawed, so she cannot survive in the wild. Maralee


I'm not sure what time of lizard this is, but it was another critter at the High Desert Museum. Maralee  


The High Desert Museum also has four different owls. I was able to photograph three of them, but the barred owl was in a location that was too dark to get any decent photos. Maralee