Then There Were Two

I'd been told that there were two owlets in the nest but until today I had only seen one.  Here they are together, although one is sleeping.  The one you see is the second owlet.  It has a totally different look about the face than the other one and is a bit smaller. Maralee


I went to check on the owl family today and baby was out and a little more active.  It's already quite large and you can see the long talons in one of the photos.  Mom and dad were standing guard nearby. Maralee

Standing Watch

I went to check on the owl family on Friday and baby was sitting on a branch sleeping.  It was just a ball of fuzz so I didn't get any decent photos, but mom or dad was vigilantly standing watch over the little one. Maralee

Owlet’s Parent

Mom and Dad Owl keep vigilant watch over their young one.  I don't know if this is mom or dad but both were nearby.  The other parent was pretty well hidden by branches about 10 feet above this owl. Maralee