Bad Hair Day

Female Common Merganser

I don't often walk along the river on my lunch break during the summer - it's just too hot. But it has started to cool down slightly so I went out one day last week (it was still a little too warm for my taste). This female common merganser had just taken a bath and …

Common Merganser

Among the mallards congregating on the river were a number of common mergansers. The male mergansers are striking with their black and white bodies and red bills. The females not quite so much. They're still beautiful but with their red hair and grayish bodies, they're not quite as good-looking as the males. But that seems …

Common Mergansers

A few months ago we had quite a few Hooded Mergansers in the area.  This week I've been seeing a lot of Common Mergansers. Maralee