Scratching an Itch – Day 88 – A Year of Wildlife

Grizzly scratching its back

While driving through the Yellowstone Bear World a few years ago, we came across this bear scratching it's back against a tree. It was timed perfectly for us - the car in front of us was too early and the car behind us was too late . . . we were just right. Maralee

Black Bear #2

This black bear was right outside of Jasper township and near where we were staying. Every week they have postings of bear sightings and it's amazing how many bears, both black bear and grizzly bears, are sighted either in town or just outside of town. Maralee

Black Bear #1

We encountered this black bear shortly after seeing the grizzly from yesterday's post. This time there were a dozen or more other people watching this bear with us. Maralee

World Wildlife Day

Today is World Wildlife Day so I thought I would go back in time and share some of the wildlife photos I've taken over the last few years. Maralee