Barn Swallow

This barn swallow perched on this branch over the river and sat there for quit a while. It was a very bright day and the sun was a bit overpowering. Maralee

Barn Swallows at Sunset

I've been noticing a lot of barn swallows near the bridge over the canal and found they are particularly active just before sunset. I have been attempting to photograph them in flight which I am finding very difficult due to their speed and erratic flight patterns. Last night was a beautiful night for a golden …


While on the walk with the East Cascades Audubon Society on Friday, we saw three different swallows. They are so fast that it is hard to tell the difference unless you have binoculars. The most common one was the tree swallow, although we also saw barn swallows and violet green swallows. Maralee

Barn Swallow

I believe this bird is a barn swallow.  I saw it at the river where I normally see a lot of tree swallows. But the forked tail and orange breast are more indicative of a barn swallow. Maybe someone can verify it for me. Maralee