Path Through the Woods

Road through the tunnel of trees

There is an old road that runs through the grove of aspen trees. It is fenced off so cars cannot go through it so it is a perfect walking path through the tunnel of trees. Maralee

Aspen Grove

Trail through grove of aspens.

A few miles out-of-town there is an aspen grove surrounded by pine trees. There is a small fenced-off road that goes a short distance through the grove. We took a drive there yesterday to see if any of the leaves had started changing color - they hadn't. In a few weeks, this place will be …

Day 301 – Random iPhone Photos

I didn't have a chance to get out today except for my regular walk.  I always have my iPhone with me so I took some random shots along the way. I have plans to get out tomorrow to photograph a local event so I'm hoping the weather will cooperate. Maralee