Day 27 – Ducks

This afternoon I was walking along the Deschutes River and came across and area of sold submerged logs where there were about 100 ducks sunning themselves. It was quite chilly outside, but they seemed to be enjoying what little warmth there was in the sun. Maralee

Day 26 – Pine Cone

Outside our office, we have a very large ponderosa pine tree.  Today was one of those rare, winter days where the sky was a brilliant blue.   These pinecones looked beautiful against the blue sky.  I put a vignette to bring more attention to the pine cones. Maralee

Day 24 – Spanish Fan

Several years ago, we spent a day in Seville, Spain.  We came across a small shop that was selling hand painted fans.  I always like to bring something home to remember the places I visit.  I loved the intricate beauty of this fan. Maralee

Day 23 – Orchids

I have several favorite flowers - calla lily, sunflower, tulips, lily (even though I'm allergic) and orchids.  When I saw this orchid plant, I knew I had to try photograph it. Maralee