Twelve-Spotted Skimmer

While trying to take photos of some smaller birds in my back yard, this dragonfly flew in. Although they are apparently a common dragonfly in North America, I had never seen one before. It perched on the top of a dead stump and stayed there for quite a while. It didn't seem to be bothered …


Since I have to stay indoors because of all the smoke, I've been taking photos of some of the birds outside my window. This dragonfly perched on my bird feeder and stayed there for quite a while. I think it's watching me. Maralee

Damselfly – Blue

There were quite a few of these little blue dragonflies damselflies at the pond last weekend. It was hard to get close enough to get a really good shot as they were landing on the grasses in the pond. Maralee


This little dragonfly perched itself on a tree branch outside my office window. Taking a photo through a dirty window doesn't help with clarity. The first photo I went outside to take the photo so it has more clarity than the second one which was taken through the window. Maralee

Water Lilies

I came across these water lilies on a pond near my home.  I didn't notice the dragonfly on the first one until I downloaded the photo. Maralee