More birds

My bird feeder has been the hub of a feeding frenzy lately.  I guess the warmer spring-like weather has brought the birds out. One of the bird seems to like a particular post as I have several photos of him from that one spot. Maralee

Bald Eagle

I went to the park yesterday afternoon to see if the owl was still hanging around . . . he isn't from what others said.  But shortly after I got out of the car a bald eagle flew overhead.  I hardly had time to react but I got a couple of shots.  I didn't have …

Birds on a Wire

I saw these pigeons on the lamp-post when I was trying to photograph the mountains.  When one flew off, they all followed and headed right into my mountain photo. The other birds were sitting in a tree in my yard. Maralee

Owl III . . . or is it IV??

I took these photos of the barred owl when I went to take photos of him in flight.  He's such a photogenic little fellow . . . it's hard not to take photos of him. Maralee