Ice Abstracts

We have had some beautiful, clear days but it has been very cold. What little water is left in the canals has frozen over with some interesting abstracts. I photographed a few on a walk along the canal today. Maralee

Abstract Studies

I went out last weekend to search for attracts and found this wonderful area behind some old buildings. We had to get permission from the owner to go back there, which we did. Maralee


Yesterday was a windy, rainy day - not the sort of day you want to be outside playing. So I played around in Photoshop instead and experimented with taking some photos, inverting them in Photoshop, and converting them into black and white. What do you think. Inverted Iris:

Morning Dew

This is actually water on a large spider web from a garden sprinkler. This was early in the morning and I loved how the early sun glistened on the water drops. Maralee